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New version relased
MTR - Print v1.9.0319 has been released, you can read the most important improvements here.

Frequent questions about the application

1 . Can I change the language of the application?
Yes, the language can be changed from the menu Tools -> Options
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2 . I have changed the language of the application but I do not see any change. Why?
The language change will take effect when you restart the application.
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3 . Where are my templates and data origins saved?
In the menu Tools -> Options, in the "Directories" tab you can see and modify the directories where templates and data origins are saved.
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4 . Can I use a template that is not in any of the default directories?
Yes, use the File -> Open template... option.
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5 . What is the difference between the Open template and Import template options?
Import template saves a copy of the choosen template in the default directory, so as to the original one is not affected for any change. Open template opens the template in the directory where is placed. After using it, if you restart the application, it will not be on the left panel.
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6 . Why when I open some template appears a small windows asking for username and password?
The application needs this data in order to connect with your data. If you do not want to see this message again, check the option 'Remember password'.
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7 . How can I export a document to another format (pdf, html, Microsoft Excel, etc.)?
Go to the preview screen of the document you want to export. In the toolbar there is an icon with a green floppy disk . Click on it to see all the formats you can export to.
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8 . Why when saving a template appears the following message? If you save this template you will not be able to open it with previous versions of MTR - Print. Do you want to continue?
That is because the template has been cread with a previous version of MTR - Print, and if you save the changes you might not be able to open it with the MTR - Print version that created it. Anyway, if all users of that template already have the latest version of MTR - Print, you would save it without any problem.
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