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New version relased
MTR - Print v1.9.0319 has been released, you can read the most important improvements here.

MTR - Print v1.9.0319

We have released a new version of MTR - Print, without any upgrading cost for customers who already have it.

The most important improvements are:

  • You can use conditional formatting, that is, you can apply styles to your report depending on a field value.
  • It is possible to add calculated fields in reports and labels.
  • Previewing large documents, now it is possible to cancel its generation.
  • You can use grouping fields in reports.
  • In the report designer, field icons show its type (numeric, text string, etc.).
  • It is possible to use Windows authentication when creating Microsoft SQL Server data origins.

Remember that you can visit our FAQ and learn how to use MTR - Print quickly with video tutorials.